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We’re Brian and Joie Harber.

We’re Brian and Joie Harber.

As our five children continue to grow and learn every day, we’ve stepped out in faith and relaunched a 20-year-old Bible-based business from Brian’s childhood. We believe it's vital for the next generation to learn God's history, and with so much negative saturation around us, there can never be too many positive, God-centric educational tools. With diligent prayer, we look forward to our family growing along with the revitalized Creation to Revelation.

  • Brian Harber

    Brian Harber

    Owner & Illustrator

    After working 14 years in Tampa, Brian is back home in Nashville, and brought a wife and five kids with him. He unwittingly began Creation to Revelation 20 years back (at his mother’s request for Bible class illustrations), later publishing them at 15. Ever the perfectionist, Brian continues to explore options for CTR’s improvement. A hopeless introvert and artist, Brian loves theatre, movies, running, hiking, and layering puns unnecessarily around his ever-patient wife.

  • Emma Hammontree

    Emma Hammontree

    Content Writer

    With a background in American History and—in recent years—running a hand-lettering business from home, Emma finds writing for CTR to be the perfect combination of her loves of storytelling and creativity. Husband William and 1-year-old daughter, Elsie, fill Emma's days with ridiculousness and laughter. The Hammontrees live in Upstate New York where you can usually find them drinking coffee, playing board games, hiking, or tackling renovation projects in their first home—a 1932 Colonial.

  • Erika Plunkett

    Erika Plunkett

    Social Media Manager

    Erika's responsibilities include taking content photos and organizing social media posts and stories. I have been working for CTR since May of 2021, and just graduated from Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN with a degree in mechanical engineering. While engineering is my major, I hope to become a sports reporter for ESPN one day.

    I was first introduced to CTR when Brian started creating illustrations for Our Spiritual Heritage curriculum, which was the curriculum that I grew up learning from in Sunday school. Brian’s illustrations were extremely helpful for me learning the characters, events, and timeline of the Bible. Through some family friends, I became reintroduced to CTR last summer and all of the new products and illustrations that have been created since I was in elementary school.

    Some of my favorites things are:
    Bible Verse: Philippians 4:7
    Hymn: In Christ Alone
    Restaurant: Timoti’s Seafood Shak or Safe Harbor Seafood (both in FL (I’m a big seafood girl but I live in landlocked TN 🤷🏼‍♀️))

  • Hannah Jinks

    Hannah Jinks

    Project Manager & Collaborating Author

    Brian originally hired Hannah in 2018 to help with marketing his 4 digital products, and she has been on and off the team based on her ability to balance serving her family and working with the CTR community. Away from the team, Hannah and her husband Eddie just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary and are proud parents to 4 kids. Hannah’s talents also include cosmetology as she is a licensed cosmetologist in NJ.

    Some of her favorites are:
    Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A
    Bible Verse: Galatians 6:9
    Hymn: Remember Who You Are
    CTR Product: Complete Cycle

    Her roles have changed and adapted on the team, but she says that through all of her roles she is so thankful for the blessings she’s experienced because of this brand.

  • Jenny Williams

    Jenny Williams

    Product Development & Customer Service

    A teacher through and through, Jenny works with children in schools, churches, and camps, ever passionate about helping them grow spiritually and academically. Jenny joined the CTR team to knit her love of crafting with her desire to plant God’s word in little hearts. She lives in New Jersey with her husband of 8 years, Corey, where you’ll typically find her prepping for classes, working on projects, or thrifting!

  • Joie Harber

    Joie Harber

    Contact Development & Customer Support

    Joie is living her dream as a wife and mother. She went from not knowing about CTR (before Brian) to now making it integral in their home Bible studies. Raising their five beautiful blessings at home keeps her humble, pushes her to grow daily, and drives her ultimate goal to inspire a deep, sincere love for God within them. Besides homeschooling, supporting her husband, and keeping the kids alive, Joie is passionate about theatre (which brought Brian and her together!), performing Broadway and opera, and deepening relationships … which naturally led to her role with CTR.