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Heroes of Faith Activity Box

Heroes of Faith — Heroes of Faith Activity Box


The Heroes of Faith Activity Box walks through Hebrews 11 and Old Testament heroes, teaching both New Testament scripture (direct text from Hebrews 11) and Old Testament history. The activities included, spanning various age levels and interests, are a perfect way to learn historic characters, while also making application to our own race of faith and be inspired.

Our themed Activity Boxes are filled with everything you need to learn big concepts with your little ones. This is a perfect box for you to have in your collection, providing activities for all the ages. These boxes are a great one-time gift for a new parent or a mom who needs encouragement as she tries to fill her kids' days with meaningful activity instead of empty pursuits or boredom.

Activity Boxes allow you to buy the items at a bundled cost, contain some exclusive items, and each box contains an exclusive coupon code for a related product, if you want to expand your collection.

Activity Box Contains:

  • Heroes of Faith Dry Erase Book
  • Heroes of Faith “Layout”
  • Heroes of Faith Flash Cards - Quarter Size
  • Heroes of Faith Synthetic Spiral
  • Heroes of Faith Mini Coloring Books (qty: 2)
  • Heroes of Faith Coloring Book
  • Hebrews 11 Text Tracing Pages - Loose leaf
  • Dry Erase Crayons
  • Regular Crayons
  • Exclusive Discount Code