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6: "Moses: Wandering" Family License
6: "Moses: Wandering" Family License
6: "Moses: Wandering" Family License
6: "Moses: Wandering" Family License
6: "Moses: Wandering" Family License
6: "Moses: Wandering" Family License
6: "Moses: Wandering" Family License
6: "Moses: Wandering" Family License

History Packs — Digital Licenses 6: "Moses: Wandering" Family License


The History Packs are a comprehensive approach to every story in every historical chapter in the Bible. These packs will specialize in covering obscure or lesser-known stories, which provides an exhaustive teaching tool for every lesson and inspires additional reading about yet-unknown stories! (Each pack contains around 30 illustrations, eventually totaling 600 illustrations after the final release down the road.)

Digital Packages Include:

  • Single card PDFs
  • 4-up cards PDFs
  • Coloring page PDFs
  • Card JPGs
  • Clipart PDFs (art only, no text)
  • Clipart JPGs (art only, no text)

History Pack 6: “Moses–Wandering” contains 32 illustrations, from Israel’s leaving Sinai to spy and take Canaan, to Moses’ eventual death outside Canaan after 40 years of wandering. History Pack 6’s comprehensive cards offer unique illustrations such as God sending quail, the 10 faithless spies’ death, Aaron’s rod budding, Balaam choosing to bless instead of curse, Zelophehad’s daughters asking for help, and the 3 eastern tribes’ settling before the Jordan crossing.

601 Israel Leaves Sinai After Two Years
602 Israel Complains, So God Picks Elders
603 God Sends Quail (and Plague)
604 Aaron and Miriam Challenge Moses
605 12 Spies Survey All of Canaan
606 The 12 Spies Report on Canaan
607 Israel Denied Canaan for 40 years
608 Israel Executes a Sabbath-breaker
609 God Ends Korah's Rebellion
610 Aaron's Rod proves His Priesthood
611 Miriam Dies
612 Moses and Aaron Dishonor God
613 Edom Refuses Passage to Israel
614 Aaron Dies on Mount Hor
615 Moses' Bronze Serpent Ends Plague
616 Israel Conquers Sihon and Og
617 King Balak Summon Balaam
618 Balaam's Donkey Rebukes Him
619 Balaam Blesses Israel Instead of Cursing
620 Phinehas' Zeal Saves Israel
621 Moses Counts Israel for Land Size
622 God Helps Zelophehad's Daughters
623 God Picks Joshua to Succeed Moses
624 God Orders Israel's Regular Offerings
625 God Orders Midianites' Slaughter
626 Eastern Tribes Promise to Fight On
627 Moses Reviews 40-Year Wandering
628 God Plans Levite and Refuge Cities
629 Moses Teaches #1 Command: Love God!
630 Moses Teaches New Generation
631 God Plans Memorial at Shechem
632 Moses Views Canaan and Dies

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