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Acts 9-11 (May 2023)
Acts 9-11 (May 2023)
Acts 9-11 (May 2023)
Acts 9-11 (May 2023)
Acts 9-11 (May 2023)
Acts 9-11 (May 2023)

Monthly Mustard Seeds — 2023 Monthly Mustard Seeds "Acts" Acts 9-11 (May 2023)


Monthly Mustard Seeds is an affordable, easy way to click, print, and connect with your children on topics that really matter, growing in knowledge while having fun and savoring creative moments. Pay $6 for one month, or buy a previous month for $7 if you missed it!

There will be twelve new B&W illustrations to color and new Generations character cards currently available ONLY with MMS (one released each month). Twenty-six of the twenty-eight chapters in Acts are illustrated; some chapters have multiple illustrations. Buy all twelve months and you will have a comprehensive study of the book of Acts for your family or classroom! Each month will contain the following pages:

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Generation Characters for each month's study
🎨 Traceable Verse with B&W Generations Character
📝 Copy Verse with B&W Generations Character (same verse & character as traceable)
✨ NEW Artwork (B&W only)
🔎 Word Search
🙌 BONUS! Some months will include additional Acts coloring pages from review pack (B&W only)

New worksheets will drop and be available for purchase on the 6th of each month.

May 2023
Acts 9-11 is available now! May's pages are available now, with some of the most encouraging chapters in the story of the church: the first Gentile is converted, Saul/Paul meets Jesus—and the "encourager" himself, Barnabas, shows the church how to welcome the repentant and share the Good News.

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