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Generations Family License
Generations Family License

Generations — Digital Licenses Generations Family License


Generations is a HUGE collection of 500 character illustrations from Genesis to Revelation! Every character has a fact card including details about the character, time periods, and Scripture references.

Included in this purchase:

  • Contains 500 characters
  • Print files split into three time divisions (A/B/C)
  • Offers 1-up and 4-up printing on standard 8.5x11” paper
  • Offers “info” and non-”info” print options (lineage stars and time periods)
  • Card JPGs available
  • Also includes PDF clipart (art/character only) for all 500 characters
  • Index with references to time periods (17 Time Periods / Our Spiritual Heritage)

Generations Groups includes 9 lists or "groups" from the Generations collection.

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Choose a size

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