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Family License
Family License

Heroes of Faith — Digital Licenses Family License


As parents and teachers, we want examples from scripture to encourage faith and obedience. What better place to look than Hebrews 11? With “Heroes of Faith,” bring this powerful list to life! Every page is anchored in scripture and puts a face to each name, giving children a visual grasp of these great examples of endurance—most importantly, leading up to Christ. With this book, offer your child a memorable, illustrated reading of Hebrews 11 and 12.

Whether you’re tech savvy or not, digital licenses are an amazing opportunity for creativity. Purchasing a “digital license” gives you access to the original digital files for a product, and allows for creation and recreation using those files in your own home in as many forms as you wish. Create your own spirals 📒, flashcards 🔖, magnets 🧲, posters 🖼, powerpoint 🖥, coloring pages 🖍, or let your kids read through the books on a laptop 💻, iPad, or phone 📱 while on a road trip!

Licensed for use in your home and your bible class. Files can be accessed by those in your home.

Included in this Digital License:
- 1 up PDF file containing full image and text
- 4 up PDF file containing full image and text
- Coloring Pages
- Clipart JPGs
- Clipart PDFs

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Choose a size

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