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Family License
Family License

Review — Digital Licenses Family License


In keeping with our mission and goal as a company, the Review Pack covers not just the "popular" stories but shines light on 100 stories, ensuring that your child (or you!) grasps key events and characters that might be less easy to describe. The detail and research in these images have been designed for accuracy, and and will aid in teaching children a broad picture of scripture and its key players. Learn characters, content, context, and order of events with the Review Pack—in whatever form works best for your family!

Whether you’re tech savvy or not, digital licenses are an amazing opportunity for creativity. Purchasing a “digital license” gives you access to the original digital files for a product, and allows for creation and recreation using those files in your own home in as many forms as you wish. Create your own spirals 📒, flashcards 🔖, magnets 🧲, posters 🖼, powerpoint 🖥, coloring pages 🖍, or let your kids read through the books on a laptop 💻, iPad, or phone 📱 while on a road trip!

Licensed for use in your home and your bible class. Files can be accessed by those in your home.

Included in this Digital License:
- 1 up PDF file containing full image and text
- 4 up PDF file containing full image and text
- Coloring Pages
- Clipart JPGs
- Clipart PDFs

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Choose a size

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