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Family License
Family License

Story of the Cross — Digital License Family License


Whether you’re tech savvy or not, digital licenses are an amazing opportunity for creativity. Purchasing a “digital license” gives you access to the original digital files for a product, and allows for creation and recreation using those files in your own home in as many forms as you wish. Create your own spirals 📒, flashcards 🔖, magnets 🧲, posters 🖼, powerpoint 🖥, coloring pages 🖍, or let your kids read through the books on a laptop 💻, iPad, or phone 📱 while on a road trip!

Licensed for use in your home and your bible class. Files can be accessed by those in your home.

Included in this Digital License:
- 1 up PDF file containing full image and text
- 4 up PDF file containing full image and text
- Coloring Pages
- Clipart JPGs
- Clipart PDFs

Choose a size

Choose a size

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